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Investment Map for Renewable Energy Projects. What is It?

18.05.2017 Category: Ukraine

State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine with the participation of business representatives and experts started to discuss the brand-new investment map for renewable energy projects. The main goal is to give useful information about Ukrainian renewable energy market, show advantages and entry points for investment projects.

Currently there is a map that contains places where renewable energy objectives can be placed, power stations with different voltages and connection points to the country energy system. But it’s not enough for investors and entrepreneurs. They need information and market analytics to conduct pre-project studies, calculate profitability and explore the resource and logistic potential of the region. If developers will add typical financial models for various projects than the map should be not the information recourse only but also a guide and stimulus to the design and construction of "green" objects.

IRENA agency created such map that is called Global Atlas Gallery. It will be used as a successful example to create useful resource for investors in Ukraine.

Currently many investors show interest to work in Ukraine. Government supports renewable energy projects inside the country. Some of European companies declared their desire to start projects, such as Spanish company “Acciona” or French “ENGIE”. is looking forward to drastic changes in the country's politics.