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In Finland boiler stations transfered into biofuel

07.10.2016 Category: World

In the Finnish city of Lahti, local energy company Lahti Energia has decided to invest its own funds in the solid-fuel boiler, which will run on biofuel. New solid-fuel boiler Kymijarvi 3 will be the replacement of the old power plant Kymijarvi 1 coal-fired.

The stated capacity of solid-fuel boiler plant will be 700 MW. The work of the new boiler will be launched in 2020 and it will consume wood biofuel in the form of waste from wood processing, such as wood chips, sawdust, etc. In the future it is planned to produce a new energy facility not only heat, but also electricity. Transfer into biofuel from wood of its own power plants in Finland is one of the priorities for the near future.

Energy companies in Finland are planning to increase the volume of purchases of wood pellets, briquettes from Russia. At the moment, there is already an active search for Russian manufacturers of wood biofuel to sign contracts for future seasons.