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British churches move to alternative energy sources

21.09.2016 Category: World

Go to renewable energy sources has decided to a large number of parishes of the Salvation Army, more than half of the houses of prayer Quakers and approximately two thousand churches in the Catholic Diocese. Total in Albion on alternative energy sources, such as solid biofuel, solar or wind power, and others, will be translated more than 3,500 places of worship, according to The Guardian. Overall, in UK approximately 50,000 religious church buildings belonging to different church denominations.

In general, solar and wind energy will be used in parishes. In addition, they can buy a solid biofuels, such as pellets or briquettes, or clean energy of another kind.
The main reason for British parishes to switch to renewable energy has served as head of the Vatican's concern about the threat of global warming. In his message, Pope Francis called for rich people to give all possible help to lower-income segment of the population. According to him, the poor people are most vulnerable to climate change.