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The Finnish company HELEN OY builds a new plant

21.08.2016 Category: World

The new power plant is scheduled to start work in two years. The plant will annually consume about 40 million tons of wood pellets. This facility will be the largest consumer of wood pellets in the region.

HELEN OY took orientation to produce electrical energy only from an alternative biofueland in the near future is going to be used to produce electricity exclusively pellets or other wood fuels. New power station apart from wood pellets can be used as a source of electricity.

HELEN OY was established in 1909 under the name of Helsingin Kaupungin Sahkolaitos, united absolutely all companies producing electrical energy in Helsinki. The first medium-sized plant for the production of electricity have been built in the Finnish capital back in 1884 and already by 1909 there were about 20.

In 1977 he joined the energy company's own assets and power with a firm producing gas from coal. Then HELEN OY decided from the gas to produce electrical energy. At present day, keeping up with the advanced energy market trends energokontsern HELEN OY decided to switch to biofuels.