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In Latvia, will construct a new plant for the production of fuel pellets

18.05.2016 Category: World

AS Hekotek Company entered into an agreement with 4Energia company to supply equipment for the new pellet venture, which will be located in the city Brocheni, which is 100 kilometers from the Latvian capital.

The new pellet plant will produce about 120 thousand tons of wood pellets annually. Pellets are going to do from waste wood, such as wood chips, sawdust, or of low quality logs, from which pre-bark will be removed and they will be crushed until a homogeneous mass of sawdust. All the wood raw material is purchased in local markets.
Set the equipment supplied includes the above press granulator Dutch production, which can produce 4.5 tons of wood pellets per hour, as well as conveyor belt or dryer made in Germany.
All other equipment, such as various components of pellet enterprises, various conveyor systems and other components and aggregates production will be Estonian. Debarking line produces Hekotek company together with Saviko from Canada, and the equipment for cutting and grinding of logs will be supplied from Sweden, manufactured by BRUKS.