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The biogas plant will be available soon In Lviv

23.11.2015 Category: Ukraine

The following year in Lviv will begin the construction of the plant, which will produce biogas from sewage sludge. Of the produced biogas will produce heat and electricity for the city.

This project was developed by Swedish experts. For a complete reconstruction of treatment facilities the demand budget is EUR 31 million. European Union allocates EUR 7.5 million, the remaining money lends the European Development Bank.

The construction of the plant will solve the problem with the disposal and processing of sludge, which carries the ecological threat to the environment and directly to residents of the surrounding areas.

In addition, due to the resulting biological gas Lviv Vodokanal can significantly save on electricity.

Near Shevchenko district wastewater system operated since 1963 and at the moment they are filled with sewage and simply can not cope. The reason for this lies in the outdated pollution control equipment and the expantion of the city by several times more than wastewater system can handle.

More than a hundred streets in Lviv do not yet have a sewage, and still use latrines, from where the overflow cars transpot wastes to the city sewage.