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The Ukrainian government wants to reduce the consumption of natural gas and develop bioenergy industry in the nearest future

01.01.2016 Category: Ukraine

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the government of the country is going to fully support and develop biological energy. The plans for the next year is to start the construction of manufacturies of pellets and the construction of manufacturies for the production of solid fuel boilers. Also the govenment plans to increase the production of bio-diesel of the second generation.

It is expected that through these actions Ukraine will be able to reduce dependence on natural gas from the Russian Federation and reduce annual gas consumption for heating and the use of public needs by 10 billion cubic meters.

In order to realize such ambitious plans we will require significant involvement of foreign investments and implementation of the newest high technological processes. Thus, the Ukrainian State Agency for energy efficiency and energy savings has already filed the necessary request and the relevant documents to the Organization of United Nations.