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Fuel briquettes sell

Posting date: 27.08.2015

Country: Russia

Wood company sells high-quality wood briquettes. WOOD fuel briquettes • a modern high-energy biofuels (1 ton of pellets = 5 m3 of wood or 480 m3 of natural gas) • used as fuel for all types of stoves and solid fuel boilers heating systems used for heating private houses, cottages, saunas and bathhouses, greenhouses and other premises in private households, • used in industrial boilers in heating systems, Briquettes are made on the modern equipment of the company SFNielsen (Denmark). Ingredients: mixture of coniferous (99%) and birch (1%) wood waste. Briquettes have a form of a cylinder diameter of 90 mm, length 300 mm, a weight of 2 kg and packed in shrink film on 5 pieces in the package. Net weight of 10 kg package (- 2% + 10%). Price - 3200 rubles / ton. Price obsuzhdaemo depending on the volume.

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Name: Alexey
Phone: 89229499093
E-mail: alexey.timshin@ikea.com

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