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Implements high-quality wood briquettes sell

Posting date: 19.02.2015

Country: Russia

OOO "Progress Stroy-NK" sells high-quality wood briquettes - wood waste (sawdust, shavings, chips, sanding dust), not agglomerated in briquettes. Our production capacity - 14 000 tons of briquettes per year. We can guarantee an uninterrupted supply of briquettes for a year on your stocks. Briquettes are made on the modern equipment of the company SF Nielsen (Denmark) - two presses BP-6000. Briquette is certified DINplus № 9N007. Raw material composition: a mixture of coniferous (90%) and birch (10%) of waste wood. The preform is shaped like a cylinder diameter of 90 mm (+ 5 mm) and a length of 300 mm (+ -15 mm). Briquettes packed in shrink film on 5 pieces in the package. Net weight of 10 kg package (- 2% + 10%). The packages stacked on Euro pallet, wrapped in three layers of stretch film and polypropylene straps strapped. Standard packaging on a pallet - 100 packets (1000 kg ± 5%). At the request of the Purchaser on the pallet it can be laid any number of packets.

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Name: Ulyana
Phone: 89178941323

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