Pellets 6 mm and wood chips - Eco Woods Wholesale.
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Pellets 6 mm and wood chips sell

Posting date: 12.08.2018

Country: Ukraine

Our fuel pellets (pellets) are made from environmentally friendly raw materials without chemical impurities and glue. The certificate of laboratory research will be sent on request. All necessary documents and certificates are available. The price for pellets and other questions please contact the manager via private message. The granule size is 6mm dark. High-calorie - about 5.3 kWh per kilogram of pellets (1 ton of pellets replaces 470 liters of fuel oil, 572 cubic meters of natural gas, 0.79 tons of carbon dioxide caloric contentcoal.) • A small amount of ash left after burning granules (0.3-0.5%); • Convenient storage (1 ton of pellets packed in bags of 15 kg takes 2 m3 • Ecological (ash obtained after burning granules can be used as fertilizer for lawn or garden) • "zero CO2 emissions" - the amount of CO2 that is produced when combustion of pellets is equal to the amount of CO2 that collects plant growth in the process of photosynthesis • Does not contain harmful substances • Does not release

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Name: Svetlana
Phone: 380992009703, viber 3809337069448

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