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Lopatinsky peat briquettes (RUF peat briquette) sell

Posting date: 25.07.2018

Country: Ukraine

Lopatins’kiy peat briquetting plant is engaged in mining and processing of peat on the Lviv region of Ukraine.  

We offer high quality PEAT BRIQUETTES

Our capacity is 3000 tons of briquettes per month.   

Peat briquettes are used by private consumers, greenhouses, poultry farms, brick factories, dairy farms, heat and power plants etc.

Peat briquettes have many advantages:

- no bad smell and emissions like from coal - it is harmless to health!

- ash can be used as natural organic fertilizer - you would not have any problems with recycling!

- low sulfur content - your boiler/stove will last much more longer!

- very long time of burning (average 8 hours) - you will have much more time for rest!

- low price - briquettes save money!


Characteristics of peat briquettes:

Humidity: 16-20%

Ash: 14,0-20,0%

Sulfur: 0,31%

Net calorific value: 3700-4300 kcal/kg 

Dimensions: 20-75 / 65 / 180 mm

Shape: briquettes type RUF

Custom code: 2703 000 000

Package: in bulk, Big-Bags 1000 kg, 10kg (+/-10%) packs on pallets.

Contact details

Name: Paul
Phone: 380673339533, www.LTBZ.com.ua
E-mail: office@ltbz.com.ua

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