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Fuel briquettes from producer sell

Posting date: 04.05.2016

Country: Russia

OWN PRODUCTS, MANUFACTURING IN EUROPEAN machines in conditions of strict quality control of raw materials and .1. SOFTWOOD briquettes RUF 4900 rub. FOR TONNU2.KOKTEYLNYE briquettes RUF, made of birch and pine opilaPREMIUM 5000 rubles. 1 tonnu3.KOKTEYLNYE briquettes RUF, made of birch and aspen opilaPREMIUM 5200 rubles. 1 tonnu4.BEREZOVYE briquettes RUF, made of birch opilaPREMIUM pellets with or without bark it. 5200 RUB. for 1t

Contact details

Name: Tatyana
Phone: 89006508220
E-mail: brikberry@inbox.ru

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